Electric & Power Insourcing Projects Catalogue

Electric & Power In-house Training

Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been able to provide consultative insourcing services to organizations working in the Electric and Power development domain with great success. With solutions provided in the numerous verticals listed below, we have been instrumental in solving some very complex problems for organizations of this domain at a global scale. Not just being the problem-solvers that we are, we also strive to provide impeccable returns in terms of revenue through immense cost cutting and an amazing Internal Rate of Return (IRR). With completely customized corporate training solutions and services, we ensure the complete end goal delivery of our clients.

The world class Electrical corporate training provided by aurelius corporate solutions are of a kind. All of these Electrical corporate training have an international-standard curriculum and are delivered in every time zone. These Electrical corporate training can be provided via classroom training, live instructor led, online training, in the for of in house training or customized Electrical corporate training

Companies can choose which delivery method they want for their Electrical corporate training, whether it is Electrical online training, Electrical classroom training, Electrical in house training, Electrical instructor led training or customized Electrical corporate training.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalog of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
2 Phase Rotating System
24 v Power Supply
3 Phase Rotating System
Advanced Electrical Grounding
Advanced Electrical Maintenance Training
Advanced NFPA 70e Electrical Safety
Advanced PLC Training
Advanced Substation Training
Advanced Transformer Maintenance
Arc Flash Study Training
Cable Splicing and Terminating
Electrical Grounding
Electrical Training
Electricity Course
Industrial Electrical Training
Industrial Electricity
NFPA 70e Electrical Safety
PLC Training
Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Application
Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance
Coal Handling
Combustion Dynamics
Electric Acts and Rules
Electric Motor And Controls Training
Electric Motor Protection, Testing and Maintenance
Electric Motor Testing and Maintenance
Electric Safety
Electrical Code Training
Electrical Drawing Seminar
Electrical Drawing Training
Electrical Engineering Training
Electrical Grounding Training
Electrical Maintenance and Testing
Electrical Maintenance Training
Electrical Protection Coordination
Electrical Protection Training
Electrical Safety For Non-Electrical Workers Training
Electrical Safety Training
Electrical Substation Training
Electrical Testing and Commissioning Power Systems
Electrical Testing and Troubleshooting Power Systems
Electrical Transformer Training
Emission Control
Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems Training
Fuel Oil Plant
Generator and Electric Systems
Generators and Voltage Regulators
High Voltage Electrical Grounding
Leadership and supervision
Lightning Protection Training
Oil and Gas Management
OnShore Off Shore Safety
Operations and Maintenance
OSHA Electric al Safety
OSHA Electrical Training
PLC Training (Advance)
Power Cable Testing
Power Cable Training
Power Plant
Power System Studies
Power Systems Grounding
Power Transformer Maintenance
Practice of PRO-II/Provision
Pre Stressing operations
Production Management
Protective Relay Application
Pumps and Compressors
Shipboard Marine Electrical Grounding
Steam Turbines
Substation Automation Training
Substation Electrical Grounding
Substation Maintenance Training
Switch Gear
Autodesk Inventor API
Radius Server
PLC Training
Arc Flash Study Training
OSHA Electrical Training
Substation Automation Training
OnShore Off Shore Safety
Emission Control
Life Safety Systems Training
Electric Motor Testing

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