WorkFusion is essentially an SaaS or a Software as a Service cloud computing platform which makes use of crowd-sourced workers in order to automate a variety of tasks including financial services, eCommerce and retail industry services. Complex business processes can be easily digitized along with business process management, robotic process automation and also, ML powered cognitive automation. WorkFusion has been albe to provide organizations with the capacity to fill data gaps, handle the seasonal growths and spikes and with high accuracy. Aurelius has been instrumental in developing and providing a large number of consultative insourcing solutions in the domain of WorkFusion to organizational clients all over the globe and have ensure their growth through the use of the tool. Delivered through highly experienced industrial SMEs the insourcing solutions comes with the option of being completely customized and modified as per the exact requirements and needs of the client. This ensues that the end goals of the client are met and the results are provided in some tangible or measurable form.