Virtual Reality

Virtual reality: The most novel use cases in the industry!

The words virtual reality and augmented reality bring to the mind the amazing gaming platforms which make the games as real as the real world itself. Also, the motion pictures which can be viewed through VR headsets to give a live feel and aura. However, the applications of Virtual Reality no longer are restricted to gaming and entertainment. VR and AR is gaining newer areas of application and implementation providing more and more opportunities to people and industries all over the globe. Some of these application areas are so novel and imaginative that a common mind may not be able to comprehend them either. The very essence of VR however remains the same in every use case, that os creating a virtual simulation of a reality to achieve a purpose. Here are some of the industrial applications that make the future of Virtual Reality and are bound to happen no matter what.


Healthcare is probably one of the most important application areas which can benefit from VR. In the healtchare sector the applications of VR range from motor function recovery for patients, post traumatic treatments through virtual simulations and more. Even medical students can have hands on sessions through VR which will provide them with limitless possibilities to practise tasks and surgeries of any type and at any level.

Architectural modelling

VR just might be the perfect tool for the architects to properly realize their creation in virtual world before moving on to the real construction to ensure every aspect is as needed and required. This will save a lot of resources and provide immense flexibility to the architects to design and redesign, thus providing immaculate results.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry has a lot to gain from the rise of virtual reality. Companies like Ford are already investing heavily in the technology to make their professionals capable in using VR to perform a number of tasks such as exploring the interior of the car before it is put to production, checking for car safety tests, checking the ergonomics and other such things with ease. This ensures that the production has more quality assurance than it used to before.

Leadership development

This is another highly unprecedented application of Virtual Reality which can enormously benefit the industry and enterprises. Leaders today handle highly dynamic environments where they constantly need to understand and asses the view of other people. Virtual reality can play a wonderful role in giving them the real feel of such situations of putting themselves in others shoes.

virtual reality

Millitary treatment

Currently only a matter of fiction, but millitary training through Virtual Reality seems to be an unavoidable application considering how much easy the entire training process will become and how wide will be the possibilities. Not to mention, the amount of resources and time saved through Virtual Reality replacing real world practice sessions will be enormous. There will be no constraints as to what levels of millitary training can be provided to soliders.

virtual reality


Forget about E-learning. Virtual Learning and Virtual classrooms are the new future. How would you like your child visiting the pyramid of Giza itself rather than reading about it in the book or watching a video of it. Education has much to gain from virtual reality if harnessed properly and can completely revolutionize the entire education sector.

virtual reality

Business administration and training

One of the most unprecedented applications of Virtual Reality is in Business. Professionals and businessmen can make themselves ready for various scenarios and situations which they feel may come in the future. Sticky situations such as laying off employees or handling clients can be realized easily and effectively through Virtual Reality leading to better professional and business performance.

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