In Tune With Technology


Technology has been with us through the ages. The digital revolution is changing the world from schools to workplace. Governments as well as private sectors are shifting towards online environment to communicate digitally with their stockholders. It helps in saving money, time and providing more responsive public services. To stay in tune with the technology is the demand of time as a number of companies are growing and the competition is heating up. Also, there are a number of emerging tools and technologies in various domains of finance, HR, BI, Sales and Marketing, IT and Admins that you can't ignore. The financial tools that you must know are financial planner, NestEgg Estimator, Hootsuite and Precise FP. The HR tools which are in demand are HRMarketer, RolePoint, Piazza Careers and Relode. There is utmost need to be in tune with evolving technologies to gain high values in the job as well as to get placed in top fortune 500 companies. The top Business Intelligence tools you can't ignore are Sisense, Domo, Ducen and IBM Cognos Intelligence. The top sales and marketing tools that you must be in tune with are Google Analytics, Exit Intel, Ambition, Trello and Salesforce. The IT tools that are in demand are Cloud Computing, Online Conferencing Systems, Mobile Technology and Social Media. Admins are always looking for coolest and most efficient tools that can make their jobs easier. Here, the top Admins tools emerging in market are Evernote, Animoto, Skype and Dropbox.

Finance Tune-up


Finance is no longer the domain of aged-spectacle wearing men having a thick ledger in-front of them in which all the credit and debit details will be entered and manual calculations performed. In this technology savvy age, finance is run by a number of technological tools and software which have made financial system astronomically quick and efficient, reducing the margin of human error by great proportions. Technology tools such as SAP FICO, programming in C#, process automation in finance and more are the need of the hour to effectively improve the financial systems.

Human Resourcing Tune-up

Human resourcing

The human resource compartment of any organization is more important and needed than one realizes. For the smooth functioning of the HR system of any organization, several software tools have been introduced which help in tuning up the entire HR system for the betterment of the entire company. Software tools such SAP HR ABAP, SAP HRM, Visier HR, etc. provide such abilities which can be leveraged to improve the HRs functioning which will directly lead to the organization's better functioning and improved workforce and working environment.

Business development Tune-up

Business development

Probably the most important segment of any organization, effective business development and business intelligence can very much take a company from scratch to the clouds. To implement smart business decisions and effective business models, one can not entirely rely on the brain today in this technology savvy world. Software tools such as SAP BI, SAP Business object, SAP BW, IBM business process manager, SeeBurger-business integration suite and more can very easily raise the bar of business processing and business intelligence to never before heights.

Sales and Marketing Tune-up

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing being the front of any organization need to be on its toes at all the times and in all the conditions. Sales and marketing services can be very easily and effectively improved by various available software and technological tools available in the industry today. Tools such as SAP audience manager, SAP campaign manager, IBM process manager, Google analytics, etc. can very easily take you to a higher marketing and sales platform and provide immense profits and benefits for the organization.

Without doubt, the industry and its every segment cannot stay away from technology and can only grow by taking support and base of the technology. Creating a symbiotic process of the industry growing through technology and new technologies being developed through the industry, it is extremely imperative that we and the industry remains fine tuned with technologies to grow and improve. To get ahead in this race, companies and professionals can very easily get trained in the technologies and software tool to gain the necessary expertise. Such training solutions are readily available with knowledge solution integrators and trainings solutions providers available in the market.