How To Track Your Car With Your SmartPhone

It's probably one of the most frustrating incidents for all car owners after the advent of multi-level and large area parking spots. We’ve all been there, frantically pressing the panic button hoping the beeps of the car would go off. A number of GPS trackers are available in the market which are pretty expensive and also require a yearly subscription for the GPS connectivity. These devices range from eighty nine dollars to a thousand dollars along with an additional yearly subscription charge for the GPS or GSM service. These can be pretty handy if you are a Lamborghini or Ferrari owner, but for us low-down Toyota or Hyundai owners, 240 plus 90 dollars a year is a pretty big deal.

Track Your Car With Your SmartPhone A novel device has been developed by a proud geek Chris Herbert who is a UCSB pass-out and develops consumer electronics and mobile applications. The device seems like it popped right out of a spy sci-fi movie being so tiny and handy. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the TrackR Bravo which is a coin sized tracking device which can be easily attached to absolutely anything and can be located easily through your smart phone. Owing to its small size and shape, it can virtually be attached to anything you think you can misplace and/or loose including your kid ( just kidding). The TrackR also works the other way around, if you have the TrackR and not your phone then you can easily track your phone by pressing a button on the device which will ring up your phone even if it is on the silent mode. TrackR also comes with a replaceable battery which is not the case with other such devices in the market such as Tile. TrackR works pretty well with close proximity items such as wallets, keys, purse etc. which you may have misplaced in your house or work area. An extremely unique and powerful feature that TrackR offers is the Crowd GPS network facility. Through this, even if you are not in close proximity of your lost item but another TrackR device is then you will receive an update on your map through that TrackR device in the form of a last seen marker.

The device works in a very easy way. You need to install the TrackR app on your phone and connect the app to your devices and you are good to go. On setting up the TrackR tags, you can attach them to virtually anything and let the TrackR app find your missing items. The device primarily relies upon Bluetooth 4.0 technology so it works up-to 100 feet or 30 meters of coverage radius. This however, is compensated by the Crowd GPS feature which makes use of other devices to locate your lost items and mark them as last seen pointers. Thus, this device seems to work a lot better and effectively in densely populated areas. Another fun feature of the device is to schedule reminders on your device for grabbing important items at the times you require or when you are getting out of range from them.

The cost of the device is probably its best feature and attracts us the most. At 29$ we can virtually term it as cheap owing to the flexibility and possibilities it provides along with the user-friendliness it offers. Additionally there is no monthly or yearly subscription so this is basically a buy-once use-forever device which can be used in a number of ways and with all possible items. Over 4.5 million devices have already been shipped and its app is available on both iOS and Android. With its growing popularity, the crowd GPS concept of TrackR will become stronger and stronger and it is bound to follow an upward circle of popularity and distribution.