Technologies That Work Like a Steering Wheel

The current scenario of science and technology does not ask you to be a technological enthusiast to realize that a change is coming and science and technology is about to change; without warning; not just the industry but our lives too at all levels. In the brimming technological revolution, we find ourselves in a position to choose paths that may or may not lead us to the success in the changed future. So, how do we really choose the tools which provide us better chances of success in the future of the industry and the world as well? Tough, but not impossible, this task asks to look a little deeper and a little further to analyze the developing technologies and developed technologies under process for improvement. Let's look at some of the roads that are leading to the highly advanced future and the technologies that make up these roads.

Data Rules The Future

technologies future-plan

"All roads led to Rome, but for the future, all roads will lead to data". It is not humanely possible to calculate the amount of data that is being transacted, processed and leveraged to develop results and make decisions at any given time today. This quantity of data will only rise up exponentially in the coming times requiring better data management and processing techniques and technologies. Currently, data processing technologies such as Hadoop big data, NoSQL data management, SAP HANA, MapReduce, Oozie and more are leading the market and growing at an exponential rate in terms of future prospects. Without doubt, the data king will rule the future industries.

A Connected World

connected world

An already dominant and spreading idea is the implementation of connecting devices and systems over a large network with multiple segmented sections. More popularly known as the 'Cloud' the technological concept gives rise to various verticals such as SaaS, cloud storage, cloud foundry and warehousing, and more. Gone are the days of mailing and receiving, the data will be available in real time in all locations as and when the user needs it. Furthermore, cloud computation is also being integrated in almost every advanced data management system such as SAP HANA,MySQL, Oracle Cloud and more.

The Devices Can Talk

Devices talk

Would you like it if your alarm clock tells your coffee machine to start brewing the coffee once you have put the alarm on snooze? Or maybe your mobile phone tells your car that you are in a low mood so the car puts on some soothing yet energizing music. All this is possible through one single idea which is raging across the globe. Internet of things is the future and will continue to be for as long as humans can imagine. The domain is never ending and so are the prospects for growing in this domain. As an amalgam of computer sciences, software development, electronics sciences and electrical engineering, internet of things paves the way for a future seen in Sci-Fi movies.

Smarter Devices And Intelligent Computers

It's not just us but names like Facebook, Google, Apple, Tesla and more have bluntly proclaimed artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning as the future and the tool to change the present. Inherently being a concept an idea, artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning can be implemented through a number of technology tools such as python, R, MATAB, Amazon Web services, Tensor flow, Microsoft DMLT and more. The future lies in the hands of the developers which can effectively program the machines to control themselves and make smart decisions benefitting the users and the world.

All these technological domains are the future and will affect every single technological development that happens here on directly or indirectly. The various tools through which these technologies can be implemented are really in the growing phase and any individual, professional or organizations who want to be successful in the industrial future must leverage these technological tools and make a place in the industry. The race is on and the winning spots are limited, only thing that matters is how many accessories can you pick to help you run faster and not get tired.