Technologies in High Demand in 2017

Technologies in High Demand

3 Jan 2017     Clem Lowe

2017 has arrived with a bang and the entire industry is looking forward to it with the promises it brings of new innovations and technological development. It is being said that we are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution and this will encompass never-before-known technologies and novel industrial concepts. The growth in technology in the last few years has been immense with some great and radical changes seen in a number of domains of the industry. We have seen data transactions and interpretations rising to astronomical levels, mobile computation reach great heights and immense research in the internet of things. Also, there have been some old players coming back; such as C++ being applied in some new domains. The year 2017 is bound to give us a number of new innovations and never-before-imagined novel inventions. For all such novel outcomes, a number of latest technologies will play a big role in bringing them forth. We bring to you these technologies which will be high in demand in the year of 2017 for their usage and technological development.

Data manipulation and analysis is probably the biggest game changer in the current technological scenario and possess immense possibilities and prospects who deal with data analysis and manipulation. Hadoop has grown to lead the Big Data revolution by providing high quality implementation capabilities and application features. As the enterprises are realizing the immense importance of data analytics, Hadoop is only rising to take huge proportions and outreach. Get certified and become an expert in Hadoop - Big Data Hadoop Training Online

C++ is one of the veterans of programming language community. Some say that it is at the age of extinction but few others know that 2017 will be the time of its revival. Owing to its scalability, quickness and controllability, C++ fuels the gaming industry and will further fuel the growing industries of virtual reality, financial programming and compilers development. Get certified in C++ programming

There was a time when relational database management systems were worshiped in organizations for their capabilities. Those times have gone and RDBMS are being replaced by NoSQL database management systems. MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL document-oriented databases. MongoDB provides immense capabilities of creating novel database applications for cloud as well as local systems. Get certified and become an expert in Mongo DB

Let’s face it, programming or coding is a technology which you just cannot do without in the current technological industry. There are a number of programming languages existing in the industry and Scala is a young player in the programming market. Still, Scala has made its mark by being a multi-paradigm language which can express codes in a much more concise, elegant and type safe way as compared to other programming languages. Get certified and become an expert in Scala

NodeJS is a completely open source and cross-platform runtime environment which helps in creating applications for both server side and networks. NodeJs provides the capability of brining event-driven programming right to the web servers which in turn ensures the development of faster web servers in JavaScript. Get certified and become an expert in NodeJS

Git is the new age version control system which helps in tracking any changes in the system file while coordinating the usage of those files between various users. The unique feature of Git is its branching capability which is unlike any other centralized version control system. These Git branches are extremely cheap and easy to merge facilitating featured branch workflow popular with Git users. Get certified and become an expert in Git

All these mentioned technologies are sure to pave way for great innovations and growth in various industrial domains. These are the technologies to watch out for in the coming year of 2017 and see where they take the technological industry.

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