"Book Your Success" in 2017 by learning these Technical Skills

The trends of employers keep on changing from year to year and with the evolution of technology there are various options available to current professionals and starters. It is February already and you must be looking for a new job or skills. LinkedIn recently release the top 10 in demand skills for the year 2017, here have a look at all of them:

Cloud and Distributed Computing


Most of the organizations today use cloud and distributed computing services either directly or indirectly. With the need of better networking and faster processing, cloud and distributed computing have gained a lot of prominence and at the present they are the most in demand technologies. Distributed computing system is basically computing model which allows multiple computer system to share components of a software system to enhance efficiency and performance.

Statistical analysis and Data Mining


Statistical Analysis and Data Mining basically concerns with expansive world of data analysis, data mining algorithms, statistical approaches, and practical application. Looking at the growing volumes of data, the need and use of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining has consistently risen. According to LinkedIn, this particular skill is going to be in great demand in the year 2017 and individuals should really look forward to learning Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.

Web Architecture and Development Framework


Web Architecture and Development Framework is basically a software framework that is designed to help developers a wide array of web applications that include web APIs, web resources and web services. These days as the Internet has become the backbone of the entire corporate world the need of this skills has a gigantic demand. Learning Web Architecture and Development Framework right away can get you your dream job in the coming time.

Middleware and Integration Software


Middleware and Integration software is basically a software package that links two different applications or acts as a link between different applications. At the present the technology is getting all the popularity it deserves and it is only expected to grow in the coming future. For individuals and professionals it is really a very good opportunity to gain expertise in Middleware and Integration Software because as per experts and current scenarios the technology is really going to enjoy high demand in 2017.

User Interface Design


User Interface Design basically refers to designing user interfaces for various software and machines that include home appliances, computers, mobile devices and many other electronic devices. At the present Interface Design is used in a wide range of computer systems. Talking about the popularity and significance of this technology, there has been visibly a rise in its demand. Experts have predicted a great future for professionals who hold expertise in this particular technology.

Network and Information Security


As the technology is advancing continually the threat to networks and critical information is also rising. Basically Network and Information and Security involve securing the computer systems and networks and checking them for vulnerabilities. These days nothing seems to be protected from evil eyes and mishaps and this is the reason this particular technology is gaining significance. As per experts the professional scope of Network and Information Security in this year is surely going to turn the tables.

Mobile Development


Mobile Development is a term that is used to refer all the processes that are employed for application development for mobile devices. The entire universe has shifted to the Mobile platform and there is nothing surprising in the rising popularity and significance of this particular technology. Mobile Development is one of the most sought stream at the present and in the future the demand of mobile developers is expected to grow even more.

Data Presentation


Data Presentation mainly involves describing the main features of a dataset in a very easy-to-understand manner referring to the data and indicators disseminated. The main aim of data presentation is to provide an immediate understanding of the data to the users. In these days data presentation is the most in demand skills looking at the increasing usability and significance of the technology. For the coming year the job opportunities for professionals in data presentation particularly are going to rise.

SEO/SEM Marketing


SEO is the abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Both these terms are in great trend at the present. In the age of Internet everyone wants to be at the top and SEO/SEM Marketing techniques are exactly meant for that purpose. Today Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing carry their own significance and are leading the field of Digital Marketing. Talking about the future of these two particular skills, the coming times are going to bring better and bigger job opportunities for professional that hold expertise in SEO and SEM.

Storage Systems and Management


Storage Systems and Management basically concerns with the technologies and processes that are used by organizations to enhance and maximize the performance of the available data storage resources. With the rising amounts of information, the use and need of Storage Systems and Management has seen a huge rise. According to the recent research by LinkedIn this will be one among the most in demand skills in the year 2017.

So these were 10 of the most in demand skills that are going to open new career opportunities for professionals in the present year. Choose any of the above skills, start excelling and book your success.