"Taking underwater photos with your iPhone is way easier"

Underwater photography is really an adventurous and interesting task. It's really a fun and rewarding, where stunning nature shots and memories can be captured. With the release of iphone 7 and its water-resistant IP67 (Ingress Protection)rating, it has wondered many people to take underwater clicks.The iPhone 7's water-resistant ability should not be compared with waterproof equipment. The IP67 rating depicts Apple has tested its iPhone 7 under various conditions and after testing it at various laboratories. After analyzing Apple has confirmed that it can survive for 30 minutes and up to the depth of 1m. Its IP67 rating helps it to save from accidental sinking.


Whenever you are in a mood to take underwater photos make sure you have a proper set up for taking photos with ease. Because, once you will be in underwater it might be very difficult for you to make use of touch screen but you can use volume button to take the click. So, just be sure which buttons you have to use before going underwater like the resolution of camera, zoom level of the photos, filter you want to apply on the photos. It would be really helpful because you can freely click the photo.

It should also be taken care before entering into the water that your device should be fully charged. As clicking a bunch of photos and making videos can consume a lot of battery. Apple officially stated that you should not charge your wet iPhone and must dry it for several hours before connecting it to the power source. We can also apply the same approach to let iPhone dry before extracting captured photos and videos.

To Control Lighting:

It is one of the most important parameter of photography. Once you are underwater you have to remember water reflects light. So, if you want to take underwater photo try to take it in the presence of sun light. It is always avoidable to take underwater shots during night time or at low light as they affect the quality of capture. The flash light can be used underwater but it generally affects the color and focus of shot. If you really need an extra light there is a diving flashlight torch 3000Lms super bright XML.

Making Stability:

When you are below the water level it becomes very difficult to take photos. Hence, stability is very important in this case and you should have stable hands. While clicking photos you should be very adamant and lock your arms in a manner that it does not disturb the camera. Also you can take Optrix by Body Glove Monopod with you for capturing still images.

Lenzo Optical Dome Lens:

These are basically designed for both land and underwater use. They do not provide any image distortion and we can easily obtain blur free image. Also, optical domes have hard and anti-reflective coating.

Lenzo Controls:


It has sleep/wake push button that saves battery as well as reduces overheating of the device. Furthermore, it provides access to different shooting modes as still, video, panoramic, burst and square.

Lenzo Smartphone Protection:

It is being tested up to the depth of 100 meters. It also comes up with Smartphone retaining system to keep your Smartphone protected. Also, it has user friendly lock helps in opening and securing proper sealing.

The need of Cloths:

While taking underwater photos swimming cloths are also necessary. You can just tie this swimming cloth with your iPhone. This swimming cloth should be a floating kind of equipment as it helps to make the device with you if by chance it gets slipped down from your hands. Furthermore, the dark colored cloths can easily be seen where they reached and we can save our costly device from getting lost forever. If you are not having iPhone 7 and you want to enjoy clicking you need not to worry. The Lenzo iPhone case lets will help you to deliver unmatched quality and experience. It is designed both for users as well as professionals. It is most favored among iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Some most important things you must know about Lorenzo.