5 Reasons why Middle to Senior-Level Techies could lose their Jobs

Yes. There is no doubt that the tech industry is filled with high paying jobs. But do you know that middle & senior management personnel job at risk? What are the reasons of this threat? You might be working at any of this LEVEL. Hence you should know the "5 Reasons why Middle to Senior-Level Techies could lose their Jobs". So that you can plan accordingly to prevent this situation in your case.

There is no denying the fact that from middle management to senior management level is that layer of organization whose primary responsibility is to monitor the jobs of subordinates and to generate reports for the top level management. Increasing Automation would shave off jobs in India's IT sector as well as mid to senior level techies would also going to bear the brunt in the era of artificial intelligence.

Capgemini India's Chief Executive in the Annual Nasscom Leadership Summit said "He believes that about 60-65% middle to senior level management staff would lose their jobs as they can't be trained". According to him this would be the highest lay off in Indian IT industry. Also, International Labour Organization (ILO) mentioned in its recent report that global unemployment expected to rise by 3.4 million in 2017.The middle to senior level techies are at the risk of going the way of dinosaurs and facing extinction.Here I am citing 5 reasons that could be the causes of losing jobs by these experienced techies.

Financial Constraints & Cost Cutting:


There are a lot of people earning high salaries in the range of Rs. 30 Lakh to Rs. 70 Lakh. Half of them will lose their jobs in the upcoming years because they have not adapted to the new technologies instead of getting high salaries. Stress that arises due to financial matters, behavioral problems leads to affect their life within the organization. Due to over-compensation they have to do a lot of work because the salary they are getting can help the company to hire 15 new professionals who can easily adapt to the brand new technologies.

Outdated Tech Skills:

They face the rapid shift of knowledge and skills. Whatever they had learnt in their college life had become obsolete. The positions they hold spend significant time on monitoring, controlling and reporting which have been replaced by integrated systems that do all these jobs automatically. Business intelligent technologies produce accurate and interactive reports that made the role of these techies useless. To save their job either they should have to work faster than computers or have to gain the knowledge of Emerging Technologies in market as gaining the skills to such technologies will help them to add their values in the organization.

Stress Management:

They are under stress because they face conflict from top as well as from bottom level. They are pushed by top management to save cost & to improve effectiveness using latest technologies whose order they have to follow without any further question and below, by the employees who must abide by their decisions without any further explanations. A study by various Universities found that in the organization Mid and Senior Techies face the most stress. Highest level of stress hormones have been found in this group of techies that affects their life within the organizations as well as social life. This high level of stress stops them from achieving the goals in the organization for which they have been paid for.

Lack of Freedom:

Middle to High level managers as get longer experience within the organization they often assume more responsibilities without any autonomy. They should have to work in close adherence with top level as well as to complete the things as per the instructions of top level management. Sometimes they have to take some decisions for which they are not ready. This lack of autonomy increases the gap between the mid and top domain authority. This deepens the mistrust and increases confusion as they get confused what course of action they have to take. This increased confusion and mistrust leads to rejection.



Workload is also one of concern faced by these techies. As usual their lunch breaks become shorter than expected. Weeks become longer while leaves and vacations become shorter. Sometimes even they don't have time to go for lunch and sometimes they have to eat the lunch at their workplace as they think there would be a lot of wastage of time if they go outside. Due to high workload they are not able to learn new skills and technologies as there are a lot of expectations from them. As they don't fall up to these expectations they get laid off from the organization.

Hope this analysis will help you to take necessary step ahead to prevent this situation in your case. The foremost thing that you can do is make yourself ready to be stay in demand. And it can be possible only if you have in demand tech skills in you. There is very revival saying "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE". Look at what all are the top demanded technical skill-set you can go for and can give the Tech Shield to your Job against "Job Risk".