Red Hat Pilots New Program to Ease Digital Transformation

Red Hat introduced a new application platform partner initiative that helps to provide a robust ecosystem for companies engaging in digital transformation. The company has started conducting tests in a pilot program with a small number of consulting partners. Red Hat spokesperson Daniel Thompson said, "We are planning to engage with a small number of business partners during the pilot phase, approximately one to two dozen". Instead of this, he said there is not a set timeframe for the pilot phase. The prime motive is to work closely with partners to get the program up and then scale it globally from there.


Consulting Play :

The consulting partners such as Exadel, Vizuri and OSI Consulting are continuously working with Red Hat to provide a range of marketing, sales and delivery services around a lot of technologies such as Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Red Hat Mobile Application Platform. Red Hat provides training and certification, technical support and customer services. Red Hat Consulting services are available to the partners in the program when they work with Red Hat installed base accounts. Its open source solutions offers new options for building integrations and container based business applications. Customers are using a bunch of applications and need a more cost effective platform. John Dickman, senior vice president of Vizuri said, "The new program will help to accelerate the adoption of cloud, container and mobile technologies". He further added that the availability of network of partners with greater expertise will boost confidence in those who are undergoing transformation.


Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME):

This thing should be known by everyone how digital transformation impacts small and medium sized enterprises and Red Hat's program appears to be aiming directly at Microsoft. It has a large brand recognition and reach. Moving digital transformation into the ideas for midsized and small consumers require a broader set of go to market partners. Red Hat accepts that in order to expand its ecosystem, it should enhance and adjust its partner programs continually as the customer needs are continuously changing. The latest partner program indicates that company is still testing its market fit and operational effectiveness. In the initial phase, the channel partners can go down to any path with Red Hat products. In the recent years, Red Hat built a more robust engineering team and had taken more responsible leadership role with its customers.


The leadership at the company has come to realize that they should operate more at the application level and help customers to understand the open source model broadly. John Bluer, vice president for global alliances at Red Hat said, "We believe that open source is the heart of digital transformation". Further, he added that we are passionate about enabling our customers to succeed in their digital transformation efforts with open source.