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React JS

6 Dec 2017     Lijo Jose

ReactJS has been on the rise in the recent times owing to its ability to build complex user-interfaces (UI) using components of DOM elements along with corresponding actions and state. It has a unique and exclusive feature of integrating relationships between parent and child elements using component properties and states. With the help of ReactJS, life cycles and tear down events can be easily defined and triggered as per the users need and requirement. ReactJS involves the use of JSX which is one step ahead of the generic Javascript and provides a number of advantages which provides React the powerful applicative capabilities. With React JSX it becomes extremely easy to code UI test cases due to its Virtual DOM system which is implemented in the JSX. Also, with the help of React JSX you can use and reuse components throughout the applications. You can even combine and wire-up a number of elements together in order to create more complex and interactive UIs.

The implementation of JSX provides a number of advantages through React which make it such a powerful tool for User Interface creation. JSX is essentially a syntactic sugar which converts to the calls of REACT DOM line by line. JSX is one of the unique features of React which is making it so popular. Let’s check-out some features of JSX which make it so advantageous for the IT industry.

  1. JSX is already everywhere on React with increasing push for ES6 and ES7 which makes it so powerful. Also, almost all the resources coming out of React are JSX first in their API such as React-Router.
  2. Using JSX through React makes the developer’s code to be extremely declarative. This is an extremely useful feature when you are trying to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. It also makes importing static HTML or migrating from JS templates an extremely easy task.
  3. JSX performs faster rendering due to its capability of optimization while compiling codes to the JavaScript. The DOM manipulation gets minimized without much interference from the developer.
  4. JSX has a type-safe syntax in which all the errors can be easily caught during the development phase itself. Consequently, your code is always clean and maintainable.
  5. JSX is easy to migrate to if you are familiar with HTML. JSX looks like regular HTML in almost all the cases. Hence, it becomes very easy and fast to write templates on JSX using React.
  6. Integration of React JS with other components is extremely easy and replacement of components with ReactJS is an extremely easy and fast process. Angular components can be replaced with React components in virtually no time.

It is evident that using JSX through React does not only provide various advantages but the changeover from other UI development platform like HTML to JSX is extremely easy and convenient. The introduction and rise of JSX and React in the industry is an unavoidable phenomenon which is slowly taking shape. UI developers have a great opportunity here to get ahead in the industry using this innovative new tool and develop better performing user interfaces.

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