IT sector

Outlook for the Indian IT sector in 2018

The year 2017 has seen some immense growth and developments in the Information Technology industry. The most important growth harbingers have been Big Data, Automation, Robotics, Bit coin block chain, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality across the IT globe. In India too these domains have been the reasons for the turning events in the IT industry and the rise of need of the skilled and sophisticated workforce. The next year will see an even greater rise in the need and demand of skilled and sophisticated professionals who can deal with computationally intensive concepts and domains. These will be in light of growth of the the various domains of AI, ML, robotics, automation and other such intelligent domains. The following domains will be in light for the forthcoming years apart from the already in light domains such as Robotics in industry and AI in social media and IoT.
Apart from this, it is expected that there will be various changes in the Information technology industry notable of which will be the following:

Customization along with speed

Personal customization and that too with a speedy deliver is going to be at an all time high. The consumer is becoming more and more demanding with every passing day and with the surge of data and information being provided to them.

AI and Machine Learning heighten

AI and Machine Learning also will reach an all time high with highly sophisticated and intelligent systems moving around the world. Alpha Go is probably just the beginning and domains of Deep RL, Deep Learning and Neural Networks are only just beginning to create disruptions in the global industry and push towards a completely different future of the industry which may not be imaginable right now.

Cryto-currency or Bit Coin

Crypto-currency may go low but the Bit Coin industry will only grow and rise with the increasing exposure and push in the domain. With top banking and finance institutions all over the globes making efforts towards development of Bit Coin management, it is not long before Bit coin becomes mainstream.

Big data replaces Good Data

Big data has been on fire the past few years, but it is now being realized that only big data is not going to do the job any longer. The age of good data is on the rise. It is important that the usable data should be separated from the raw data which puts the need of data analytics at an all time high.

The year 2018 contains a large number of new innovations and developments just waiting to happen and come about. The rate at which the IT development is taking place is not about slow down and will only rise with the passing days and months. We can only wait and hope that all such development will lead to the further growth of the IT industry.

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