Why Organizations are Switching to SAP HANA?


28 Nov 2016     Erica Sheward

SAP HANA Relational database management system is possibly the fastest growing product in the history of SAP and is overtaking the market of database management with much vigor. Its tools and concepts provide immense flexibility and power while handling complex and huge databases. The company claims it to be a break through solution for in-memory databases providing versatile data management practices like database integration, data processing and cross platform application capabilities.

It is being used by top organizations all over the world in varied domains like business transactions, advanced analytics, social media, mobile experience, collaborative business and design connections. It provides immense in-memory data manipulation power for improving your business models and stream line data warehousing and delivery.

Here we will explore the various reasons why SAP HANA is taking over the world of Data base management systems.

Speed in real time
SAP HANA has the power to deliver true real-time enterprise with the help of its in-memory technology. Data transactions are updated up-to the minute and this is done with immense speed. SAP HANA allows you to transact huge amounts of data in a matter of moments at very high speeds. With SAP HANA you can analyze large amounts of data in real time from any source and deliver it to any source as quickly.

Any data from any source
With SAP HANA you will never have to worry about what type of data you have to deal with. The data maybe structured or un-structured, HANA will deal with either with the same efficiency. This data can be sourced from any external or internal source and from any other enterprise environment that you would like to link with HANA.

Innovation integrated simplicity
SAP HANA provides innovations in in-memory computing due to its configurability, easy integration and flexibility. Despite its innovative capabilities, SAP HANA is extremely simple having fewer layers, simpler landscape and comparatively lower costs. Data aggregation, indexing, mapping, etc. can be easily reduced or eliminated.

Cloud integration
With SAP HANA comes the extremely powerful next generation enterprise cloud of SAP. It is lightening fast and removes latency with a single location stack. Real time collaboration, processing and planning is thus enabled with scalable business needs. With SAP cloud, the entire data is effectively secure and accessible through data security and governance.

Freedom of choice
SAP HANA gives you the freedom of choosing the hardware and software that you want to work on. It can couple and integrate with any and all types of software and hardware sources so that you may work with a diverse customer base. Consequently, you will never be locked on to a single source of acquisition or sink of delivery.

SAP HANA is here to revolutionize the world of relational data base management system. With its in-memory computing capabilities, Sap Hana provides immense benefits to organizations in reducing their IT and data warehousing costs. It is challenging all the rival Data base management systems and is slowly taking over the entire industry.

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