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Most Emerging Technologies, Domains & Career Opportunities in 2017

In all possibility, we are at the verge of another great industrial revolution which is bound to change the entire face of industry as well as the consumers’ world. With great strides being made in technological development and emergence of new innovations and novel technological tools, we are about to see a sea change in our world with respect to technologies. A number of new technologies are emerging in the world, and the number is so high that most of them go unnoticed by even the top industrial players. With the pace at which the industry is moving ahead it is very important that professionals and industrialists keep track of this change in order to grow with the rise in industry. It is also highly important for individuals hoping to make their career in the industry to have an in-depth knowledge and awareness of what new technologies are trending and what careers paths are developing all over the world. Your awareness may start from the very beginning by realizing what is the best course in for you and go till you choose one of the in-demand technologies to make a career in. We bring to you the courses you may pursue in your bachelors in engineering or technology and the related tools or best courses for your career.

Computer Science and Information Technology


Computer science and information technologies no longer remain constrained to the domains of coding and programming for software development. There has been tremendous rise and growth in the area with some amazing new technologies and tools to work with and make a career in. At the top would definitely be Big Data, Data Science and Hadoop as it is implemented in Big Data. With the astronomical amounts of data that is transacted every day, the domains dealing with data processing are bound to rise to great heights in the contemporary and future world of technology. In terms of programming and web application development, tools like ReactJS and AngularJS are on the rise, while in the evergreen domain of database management, UniverseDB and Share Point are gaining a lot of heat. So if anyone asks; which trainings is the best for the IT industry? You have the answer right here! Rest assured, the best IT companies in the market will open their doors for you if you have expertise in these. Technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS, Sharepoint, UniverseDB are in high demand in the current IT industry with the professionals who are well versed in it being highly sought after. The top organizations in the IT industry have a continuous requirement of professionals in this field owing to the continuous advancements and innovations that are happening in the field.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology


Although this evergreen branch of technical education is highly matured, the integration of other streams and domains has also pushed it to greater heights and new potential. The biggest breakthrough in the domain was possibly the integration of computers in mechanical and manufacturing technologies which led to the rise of computer aided designing, computer aided engineering and computer aided manufacturing. Companies like Dassault, Autodesk, and PTC are doing great work in computer aided engineering to create software tools which have immensely enhanced the fields. At the top of this list lie software like Catia Solidworks, PTC creo, Autodesk fusion 360, etc. for designing, Ansys, Abaqus, LS dyna, etc. for analysis and Powermill, Camotics etc. for machining simulation and manufacturing. The world of mechanical and manufacturing technology is moving towards virtual simulation and engineering owing to the fail-safe features it provides. Experts in computer aided mechanical and manufacturing engineering are rare and organizations are always on the lookout of such individuals. There are almost no organizations today in the field of mechanical and manufacturing technologies that do not use virtual designing and simulation. Being expert in software like Dassault Catia, solidworks, Ansys, Abaqus will open up doors for you in every organization.

Electronics, Control and Communications


This particular branch is slowly becoming integrated with all the other technological domains and creates innovations and novel technologies. By amalgamating communications and control with computer sciences, some of the greatest innovations of this era have been formed. Novel concepts like nuance technology for highly efficient voice control and recognition and machine learning for building smarter machines have been the result of such integrations. Even programming languages like python and java are being used extensively for embedded programming to create intelligent communication systems and machines. The growth of amazingly user-friendly microcontrollers and processors like Arduino UNO, Pyboard, Raspberry pie, etc. have brought microcontroller integration and control at every levels of education and technical growth. The direction in which the industrial world is moving actually makes it essential that professionals have knowledge of electronics, control and communications at some level. Fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence require immense communication and control knowledge and consequently also provide immense career opportunities and potential. For instance, Nuance technology is at a very young age and the implementations are immense, thus, the technology can become an amazing career track for any individual. These were some of the top latest technologies in the market which are trending and are bound to grow to great heights in the coming future. It will be important for any professional or student to be aware of the industrial trends and technologies in order to choose the correct career path and excel in it. All the aforementioned technologies will surely take you places you wish to be in terms of your career and profession.

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