Why micro certifications are so important for IT Job seekers and employees?


This article throws light on the roles of micro certifications and how they are important for job seekers and employers. Micro certifications are gaining popularity in terms of providing jobs to the job seekers as well as enhancing their skills that are required in the industry. Organizations are struggling to find the right persons who have certifications and job seekers are struggling to get the right job. If we see from the prospective of job seeker certification is really expensive and time consuming, as they have to spend a lot of time as well as money for it. This gap can be filled up with the help of micro certifications which are affordable and more effective to achieve the same results.


What is micro-certification?

Micro certification is the process of getting mini-certification in a specific, highly job oriented area. With this certification you can develop your mastery in a specific area and you need not to go in depth to study each and every topic of the module. This is really necessary as now a day innovations are happening faster than expected and every job seekers have to develop the skills to stay in the market. It is also not possible to take the full certifications of each and every topic, so here the roles of micro certifications come into the picture.


Macro things are always not better:

If we talk about the problems of bigger or traditional certifications, they are simply wide and deep. Let's take an example of Windows, if you are trying to get the job as a Windows System Administrator you need not to know completely about Windows, as in the job only a few percentage of knowledge is required. In this competitive world you must be proficient in the technology your company is using, also if you are getting a new role you should have the knowledge of that role and adaptability. So, here the essence of micro certification comes. The market research analysis of various companies done on various IT professionals illustrates a lot of facts. According to this analysis, 42 percent of IT professionals said that micro certifications had helped them to get a new job opportunity and also helped to get an enhanced position in the same organization. Also, 87 percent of IT professionals said that micro certifications had helped them to take an entry level position in various organizations. Professional certifications are too broad, as they don't have a defined domain but micro certifications involve a lot of advantages. Micro certifications give trainees the insight into various technological tools and the digital environment in which various companies are working.

Inexpensive Training:

Micro certifications are affordable training programs, as they are cost effective and help in providing the desired knowledge and skills that professionals are looking for. In most of the training programs you spend around 8000 to 1000 dollars to cover each and every topic. Also, you need to pay around 800 dollars for certification exam. Micro certifications are more affordable and accessible to a larger pool of people. As, to get these certification we don't need to spend a huge sum of money and also play a vital role in career building.

These certifications help trainees to keep in touch with the changing technologies. As time is changing at the speed of light, the same is happening with technologies. These certifications help trainee to get the knowledge as per their own demand and requirement. As per the market research report, published by leading journals, IT companies spend around 35000 dollars every year for their trainees to get in touch with the latest technologies. While, if they go for micro certification programs they need to spend around 500 dollars every year, also they need not to look for every topic. These certification programs carried out by organizations help them to get the desired growth and employees' retention.