The Machine Learning Guide for the Marketing Industry

Machine Learning

Ask any industrialist about their major concerns to sell a product, the common of them all will be only one aspect. Marketing is one domain which no organization can do without and every manager wishes that it could be done a better by their employees. The goals of marketing are seemingly simple; identify the best customers, target prospective customers which match the demographic, inculcate a positive buying experience and launch everything as a single package in the customer community. The hard part however is the implementation of any of these goals and especially wherever predictive analysis and understanding is required. The very problem of identifying prospective customers is so hard that on organization in the world is near to its excellence owing to the highly dynamic nature of customer base and the huge volumes of data associated with it. So how do we target this problem and get our market rising and revenue shining? As of now, Machine Learning has been the cup of tea of researcher's and high level data manipulation experts employing it in domains involving heavy-weight computational sciences and engineering. So, when the astronomical onslaught of data happens in the domain of marketing we now turn to Machine Learning as our savior and gain highly sophisticated analyses to make better data oriented decisions. Here we bring to you the very precise algorithms which can help you perform your marketing in a much much better way than it has been happening till now.

Identify the problem statement and target domain

The very first and the very essential domain of employing machine learning in the domain of marketing will be to identify the problem statement you plan to target. Is it the assessment of prospective non-customers or non-customers, or is it the prospective rise in the demand of your product in the coming period of time based on the past history and/or so much more.


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The simplest application of Classification algorithms will be the segregation of customers into prospective buying and non-buying customers. Based on the historical data of which customers bought the products over a dynamically changing time period and which did not, an effective model can be created which predicts the correct demographic that should be targeted by the marketing team to ensure high sales and closed leads. Based on the classification model, accurate prospective predictions can be made for the future as to the likelihood of a customer of becoming or converting into a customer.


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In a nutshell, Regression predicts what will happen and how much it will happen. Regression analysis helps in several different manners to help in a large number of domains such as predicting prices of the prospects, predicting consumer interest, predicting consumer demands, prediction of market growth and direction and so much more over an iterative period of time. Regression analysis helps in the business modeling of the organization to ensure that least amounts of costs are incurred and highest amounts of revenue are generated.


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Clustering techniques is another very beneficial technique which can be used for improving upon the business model that the organization implements and the demographics that are targeted. Clustering techniques can help marketing professionals better understand their customer base by realizing similarities based on parameters such as age group, gender, work profiles and much more, thus helping them run their marketing campaigns in a much better manner which is specifically targets different segments/clusters in different manner.
Machine Learning's implementation in Marketing techniques is still an untapped domains with very less dedicated organizations working in the domain. Companies such as Infer are using predictive analysis to create go-to marketing strategies for their customers. Having a dedicated marketing team well versed in Machine Learning can increase any organization's marketing abilities manifold and improve sales significantly.

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