5 Most Lucrative Tech Careers

As the year 2017 has just begun, youngsters have their eyes on careers that will provide a greater scope in the coming future. Keeping everything aside, a career in tech domain is something that every young professional longs for. No matter how challenging the tech industry is, it is still one of the most rewarding and inspiring career option for individuals. Last year there were some technological shifts in the tech careers and here are the 5 top jobs that student and recent graduates should be looking for in the year 2017

5 most lucrative careers for 2017

Web Developer

Web Development has never been out of fashion and still it is one of the most rewarding career options. Once you get into web development you get great opportunities to implement your imagination and creative skills. Web development is a very broad term that involves simple concepts such as making a simple HTML website to a complex database design. The web development industry is talent driven and if you got the right skills you can expect some high salary packages for yourself. Moreover there are a broad range of programming languages and content management systems for web development which allows an individual to choose a select bunch of them and become an expert. In the present context, web development has expanded to wider concepts such as project management, testing, Business Intelligence, data analysis apart from writing codes and developing websites. So if you are really interested in the domain, then don’t give a second thought and just start planning a career ahead.


Database Adminstrator

With the increasing amount of data, it has become completely impossible to handle everything with the traditional approach. In the current scenarios databases have been of great use to organizations and businesses to handle and manage their gigantic amounts of data. With the increasing significance of database systems there has been an increasing demand of database administrators who can take care of the database with perfection. In the coming time, choosing Database Administrator as your future career can really put you up in a favorable place. The job of a Database Administrator is to resolve all the issues related to Database with a problem-solving approach. Because data storage is so important to every business, the demand of database administrators is rapidly rising.


Computer Systems Analyst

A Computer Systems Analyst is a professional who sees and resolves any problems related with the computer systems of an organization. The job of a Computer Systems Analyst is to analyze, design and implement information systems. At the present, computer systems are an irreplaceable part of every organization and there is an extreme need of professionals who can manage and analyze the information systems. This is where a Computer System Analyst comes into play. If you are looking for a safe and secure career ahead, then there is no better option than a Computer Systems Analyst. The job of the professional will be to research on the best technologies and contribute to the organization’s overall computer system. The responsibility of a Computer System Analyst just doesn’t stop here. Further the professional has to make analysis reports on the benefit of the upgrades. The good thing about a career in this domain is that there are countless job growth opportunities available.


Data Scientist

For those who are not familiar with this term, Data Scientists are professionals who takeover large amounts of messy data and put their mathematical, statistical and programming skills to use, to extract out the useful information that can be helpful for the business. Data Science in the present has become a thing of great use to businesses all around the world. Almost all the organizations at the present have realized the significance of data-driven decisions. Organizations today are in dire need of professionals who can pick up a dirty set of data and use their statistical skills to unearth patterns. As more and more tech companies are focusing on data-driven decisions, the scope for a career in data science is significantly increasing. The basic pay scale of a data scientist is way higher than all the other vocations as of now. Professional career in this domain will be among the most rewarding ones in the year 2017.


Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts carry out security measures to prevent critical data stored in computers and networks from theft, misuse and unauthorized access. From the past many years cyber attacks have been one of the major points of concerns for organizations. With the evolving technology the roles and responsibilities of an Information Security Analyst are expanding. Moving ahead from the roles and responsibilities, the demand of expert professionals in Information Security is really on a rise. The need for Information Security analysts can never stop because of the fact that as long as there is Internet, cyber attacks will keep on advancing. There is a great demand of Information Security Analysts in the sphere of IT service providers, banking and financial services, government agencies and healthcare companies .Seeing the increasing demand of the vocation there is no harm in saying that the future of professionals in this field is really bright.

So these were 5 of the hottest career options for students and undergraduates looking to succeed in the tech field. A certification training online in all these niche domains can set up your base for a booming career ahead.