Right Jobs often plays an important role for building a good career and prosperous life. Yes, you heard it right if you have a good job and skill-sets, you can definitely be a person in the fortune's top billionaire list.

Technical jobs are not only among the world's most highly paid, but also the most sought after. While the two mentioned facts are correlated, the chief reason behind the popularity of technical jobs is the immense variety of career options that technical education courses such as Adobe training, Java training, DevOps training etc. provides. As professionals gain experience, there is ample opportunity for progress in terms of skill-sets, position, and salary.

With the right training and experience, one can achieve enviably high salaries through the establishment of a technical career. Technical expertise, however, demands more than mere qualifications, and a correct choice of specialization, along with pragmatic knowledge and practice, plays a greater role.Salary is one of the most important factors that affect choice of career, and to help you with picking out the most suitable technical fields for yourself.Here I am providing a glimpse of Jobs that will really help you to become Mr. Richie Rich.

Software Developer:

A software developer is a person who works in software development - including the programming, research, design and testing of computer software.Training courses such as Hadoop Big data, SAP technologies, Adobe technologies, Internet of things and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The salary of a software developer with mid-level experience is round about $90,500.

Information Technology (IT) Manager:

As businesses rely on technology, roles such as an IT Manager are crucial to the continuity and success of businesses. An Information Technology Manager is responsible for implementing and maintaining a company's technology. Businesses rely on a central information processing system to support communications as well as efficient data management. The Information Technology manager monitors the organization's operational requirements, technology solutions and then builds the most cost-effective and efficient system to achieve these goals. Training courses such as SAP ABAP Developer, IoT (Internet of Things), Oracle WebCenter , Oracle SQL and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The salary of an Information Technology Manager with mid-level experience is round about $120,000.

Finance Manager:


Financial activities of a company are one of the most complex and important activities. Therefore, the job of Finance Manager is very crucial. The person should be far-sighted to see that funds are being utilized in the most efficient manner. His actions are directly proportional to the good will and growth of the firm. The most important tasks of finance manager are raising funds of company, allocation of funds, profit planning and understanding of capital markets. All the investment decision of an organization is carried out by the finance manager. Training courses such as Automation and Robotics in Finance and HR, SAP Finance, Finance for non-finance professionals and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The salary of a Finance Manager with mid-level experience is round about $115,000.

Data Scientist:

"A Data Scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician". Data scientists take an enormous amount of data and use their formidable skills in maths, programming, and statistics to clean and organize them. Training courses such as Applied Data Science with Python, Data Science, Data Analytics Training and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The minimum home take pay for a Software Developer The salary of a Data Scientist with mid-level experience is round about $110,000.

Scientific Research Manager:

Scientific Research Managers are in charge of overseeing the planning and execution of research projects. They have opportunities in both the public and private sector but it depends upon their skill-sets where they go.The number of jobs in this field grew by 20% in the last year and it is expected to rise by about 1,000 positions until 2020. A Research Manager is the professional who takes care of the process and helps to produce useful data to assist in the development of a product or service. Training courses such as Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The salary of a Scientific Research Manager with mid-level experience is round about $105,000.

Analytics Manager:

The Analytics Manager is responsible for designing, configuring and implementing the data analysis solution or business intelligence tools. The analytics manager must be able to provide direction and guidance to business analysts while explaining the process as well as results to senior management. Many firms require candidates to have vast experience in data analysis. Implements analytical approaches and assists in the interpretation of results. Also collect, analyze external market data to provide benchmarks for comparison purposes and resents reports to management for use in decision making as well as strategic planning. Training courses such as Data Analytics Training, Wave Analytics,Visier HR & Workforce Predictive Analytics and more provide ample opportunities to professionals to improve their career. The salary of Analytics Manager with mid-level experience is round about $110,000.

To sum it all up, as the industry is going through a paradigm change with the growth and change in technologies as well, the best way to keep pace with the industry and grow you career would be to maintain your knowledge base with various technological trainings available by various knowledge solution integrators and learning solution providers.
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