Five Ways In Which The IT Startups Have Helped IT Giants in the Industry


IT startups in the past few years have grown in India and across the globe at a very rapid rate. Government regulations and the industrial giant's willingness to invest in small startups has only led to the boost in the IT startup scenario. Consequentially, many small startups have not only sprung up far and wide but many of them have also grown at a rapid rate to give competition to many top IT giants. The tech startups in the IT industry have especially had a very good time as setting up a tech startups requires the least amount of capital investment and may grow into tremendous organizations. But in all these situations, what is happening to the IT giants which are already there in the industry? At first thought it may seem like this situation is not beneficial for the IT giants as they will begin to have competition, but for the entire industry as a whole, the presence of the IT startups across the globe may be a very beneficial thing. Here, we will be top five ways in which the IT startups have improved upon the IT industry as a whole and have also helped IT Giants in many ways.

Healthy competition leads to improvement


With the growing startups, the IT Giants also feel the heat and it pushes them to improve upon their services and products. It is like waking up a dormant organization and pushing it to become better. It is the simple concept of having competing agents in the market so that all the agents strive to get better.

Innovation is the new driving force


The new IT startups in their efforts to stand out of the crowd focus on innovative and novel concepts of IT implementation and technologies. They are pushing the boundaries of innovation and endorsing new age technologies for their products and services. Consequentially the IT giants also have to step up and improve upon their technological base and bring newer and more sophisticated technological systems to compete with these budding organizations. Again, healthy competition leading to growth.

Providing Services


The IT startups are not the competition of every single IT giant. Many startups also work in collaboration with the various IT giants to whom they provide technical support and services. This benefits the IT giants who require short term services for which employing a workforce will not be feasible. For such short term services, IT startups act as point of service providing such short term services to multiple IT giants as and when required.

Providence of new technologies


The Tech startups today are mostly focusing on developing intellectual property, such innovations and novel products become highly sought after if they are able to improve upon the existing system. A simple example would be a newer more intelligent database system which is able to provide better support to the data management system of the IT giant. Thus, these IT giants are able to get improved and novel resources from such tech startups time and again.

Developing a new generation of workforce


It is not an unknown fact that switching organization after a certain period of time in the industry exists. Today, the recent graduates and freshers mostly look towards startups due to glamor and less conventional(cooler) work environment. This may look like a bad thing at first but it actually helps the new workforce in gaining more and faster hands on experience with technologies than they probably would have in any IT Giant. Hence, the new workforce which the IT Giant may be able to imbibe after a few years of experience turns out to be more skilled.

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