Why do you need to invest more in IT product knowledge training than in IT products


Ask any updated IT professional in today's industry regarding the advancements and number of IT products being used in the industry and in all probability he will have only one answer; "it is mind boggling." Be it open source or be it proprietary, the rate at which the advancements in various IT products is taking place is astronomical and it just might become extremely confusing for organizations and organizational heads to choose which IT products and tools to deploy in their organizations.
But before we can move any further and discuss what all tools should we rack up and hope that our organization reaches sky high profits we need to take a step back and understand which is the right way to go. Consider the number of IT products being released every day and any excited IT professional will remain excited to get hands on with all of them. From Big Data to digital marketing and from C# developments and revival to advanced iOT all the IT domains are experiencing such growth that we can keep updating our IT models every month and we will still not reach the end of tools and applications. This however seems to be a very time consuming, money consuming and exhaustive process with no definitive and promised results.
There is a however a better, more rationale and more logical way to go about this IT growth and development. With the given amount of resources and investment we need a fail-safe model of IT growth which ensures a steady and consistent growth and development. Here is where consistent training and knowledge update comes into play. Rather than racking up the newest applications and tools it is better to invest more in training the workforce in the tools most optimum and usable to your cause irrespective of how latest and advanced the tool is.
Here are a few outlines as to why and how you should invest in IT training more than in the IT tools themselves.

A tool is no good without an experienced workman to use it

Every new advancement in any IT domain leads to the development of a new tool which serves a purpose in a better way or an entirely new purpose. Until and unless there is an experienced professional to work on the tool, the tool will only be a liability which has eaten up resources. A tool without a user is more of a liability than an asset.

Knowledge of tool before acquisition

Consultative learning solutions provide trainings in the tools even before you can acquire them by making them available either through remote acquisition or on pay-as-you-use basis. This gives a very good idea as to the usability of the tool towards your purpose and use even before you can move on to the big investment towards the product. And of course, you will already have a workforce trained in the tool.

Fulfillment of purpose is greater than the advancement

Before jumping head first into advanced systems and applications it is better to understand the purpose and aims of your goals first so that you can better understand if your organization really needs the new advanced resource or not. A short consultative learning program which provides an understanding and review of the tool is an extremely beneficial road to take in these situations.

Hiring or training?

Once having decided that the the tool is crucial for the growth, the next step is to get people who can work on the tool or applications. There are only two ways to go about this which includes either hiring new workforce or training the existing workforce. Most of the times, the business model will depict that it is more financially and organizationally viable to train the existing workforce in order to add value to the organization and improving the morale of the existing workforce.

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