The Latest Innovations in Internet of Things!

Internet of Things

28 Nov 2016     John Walker

Internet of things is probably the hottest trend in the current technological world and is changing the industry as we see it. Internet of things relates to the growing concept of making machines interact with each other and also their human counterparts. iOT has seen tremendous growth and development in its domain in the last few years and it is highly unlikely that the growth will slow down in the years to come. Let's look at few novel innovations that have happened in the field of Internet of things in the past few months.

Goodyear self driving spherical tires
Tires for us have always been round and flat. Goodyear is planning to completely change the view, in which we see tires and how they work. Goodyear has launched Spherical tires which will work on the concept of magnetic levitation and have quite a number of goodies stored inside them. They claim that the tires have the capacity to change their texture and groove pattern depending on the road surface and also change the rolling plane depending on the tire wear and tear.
Goodyear plans to integrate machine learning and interaction in their tires so that tires of different vehicles may interact with each other and exchange information relating to paths, directions, traffic conditions, road surface in the path ahead and much more. Such tires may completely revolutionize the automotive industry and then again, we can have so much better parking capacity with the car moving sideways!

Self driving cars and autopilot for automotive vehicles
Google, Tesla and Faraday Future are the current pioneers in Vehicular autonomy and self driving capacity. Google self driving car has been in the news and under development for a long time now and we may expect it to be launched any time soon. Tesla on the other hand has already started using its autopilot feature in commercial cars with moderate to high success rates. Faraday future is also working on the same lines to provide vehicle autonomy and unmanned vehicle systems.
Self driving cars had always been a sci-fi movie concept in the past few years. It does not seem like a dream anymore as we are on the brink of a new era involving the internet of things

Adobe smart bag
Probably not as fascinating as self driving cars or spherical tires, but the smart bag developed by adobe is probably one of the most user friendly iOT concepts developed.
It aims to revolutionize our shopping experience as the E-commerce is still dwindling and somewhat degrading after its initial boom. The smart bag has the capacity to pair with the retailer's website and mobile app. There will be no long checkout lines and billing procedures. The smart bag will automatically update your shopping cart as you keep the goods in the bag and when you are to checkout, you simply takeout the internal bag (the bag has two layers) and the calculated amount will be deducted from your account which you have preprogrammed in the retailers database.

Google glasses
Google glasses were developed a few years ago by Google and are currently under constant upgrade and development. Now, the Google Glasses are coupled with Big Data and can be used as database in several domains such as keeping medical records of patients, students, employees and much more. They can also be used for real time tracking and recognition of entities that you work with or work on. Infant care and pediatrics is another domain which Google glasses can have a lot of impact.

These were some of the top innovations that have happened in our times relating to Internet of Things . There are several other innovations too that are amazing and fascinating and we will cover those in our other blogs. Stay tuned and stay updated!

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