How SAP Fuels Machine Learning and Reviewing the Latest SAP Clea Machine Learning(ML) Tool


In the past few years, SAP has risen to be the market leader in the domain of software and technology solutions providence. With the growing digital and technological pace of the industry, SAP always leads the front with innovative and novel solutions and technologies for their clients and the industry. In the domain of Machine Learning, artificial learning and deep learning, SAP has always led the front with their data solutions and software. We will take you through the various technologies and software of SAP that fuel the machine learning fire.

Big Data on Hadoop :

If you have ever even remotely come in touch with big data, there are pretty good chances you also came across the word Hadoop. It was Hadoop which changed the entire world of Big Data by providing immense capabilities to organizations for developing systems and applications capable of handling terabytes of data simultaneously which included sourcing, processing and storing. The very essence of machine learning is the processing of huge data packets for processing and effective decision making. Hadoop has driven the machine learning wagon for quite some time now and continues to do so knowledge of and learning Hadoop Big Data becoming imperative in the industry


SAP HANA is another amazing tool from the stables of SAP which provides immense capabilities for database, data processing and application development. Having the capability to be deployed on the SAP cloud, SAP HANA works as a back-bone of machine learning applications while providing data processing support and data handling capabilities. HANA has developed a large number of customers and users over the years and this number continues to increase with every day. Learning SAP HANA is not such a tough task and with its immense penetration in the industry, there is a number of learning solutions and platforms available for it.

SAP Business Analytics :

With SAP business Analytics you can get as close to machine learning as possible. It provides the abilities of developing business intelligence through data driven systems, predictive analysis and implementation for making smart business and technical decisions and advanced management performance of real time feedback control making your business applications and models smarter and quicker. SAP business analytics has grown to become the leading business intelligent tool of the market with a large number of user organizations and professionals. You ask how we learn Business Analytics. There are quite a few paths that you can take for learning this tool and making a place in the industry such as online courses, tutorials, classroom programs etc.


Following their success in data handling and processing to fuel the fire of Machine Learning, SAP has now jumped head long into the direct integration of Machine Learning in their tool through the launch of SAP CLEA. SAP CLEA is a recently launched Machine Learning Solution of SAP providing embedded intelligent systems on the SAP cloud platform with various applications involved. The focus is to drive business applications with smart algorithms and models for maneuvering unprecedented insights, be able to make better predictions and decisions and also automate the various routine redundant tasks while focusing on higher-value work. SAP CLEA is the first front of the future of SAP's Machine Learning systems which are to include several applications, tools and services, all developed in collaboration with and feedback from the various co-innovation customers across domains and regions.

Being the innovative and driving organization that it is at the heart of industrial technology and digitization, SAP has been steadily making its way to fortify its place in the domain of machine learning and development and it seems that the day is not far when SAP will be providing the best and top solutions in machine learning throughout the industry.