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10 Hottest Tech Skills That You Should Not Overlook In 2017

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It's March, and there's a good chance, if you are looking for a new job. 2017 looks bright for the tech industry, as companies are looking to hire IT professionals with advanced skills to continue digital transformation efforts. According to the LinkdIn data, this is the month in which job applications will spike on the various jobs offering websites. The IT sector is growing faster as compared to many other occupations and the outlook is encouraging. The scientists also believe as the time is changing at the speed of light, the same is happening with technologies. This article sheds light on the 10 hottest tech skills that you should not miss in 2017.

Programming/Application Development:

The market research data shows that around 39% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. Programming courses are relevant to all types of work environments. The need of great application developers continue to float. Application developers use programming languages to create software that meets client requirement. Expanding and upgrading skills and knowledge about programming help to enhance career possibilities. Employers are looking for professionals with a working knowledge of Java, Visual Basic and C++, application development and database administration. Skilled programmers are in high demand in this digitally focused world.

Help Desk/Technical Support:

The market research data shows that around 32% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. Technical support refers to the bunch of services through which companies provide assistance to the users of various technology products such as mobiles phones, software, televisions, computers and electronics or mechanical goods. Technical support services resolve the specific problems with the product instead of dealing with whole. As a technical support/help desk employee, you will monitor and maintain the computer systems and networks within the organization. Help desk technicians require a deep and complete understanding of computer hardware and software.


The market research data shows that around 28% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. Security, compliance and governance are three aspects that help to ensure that a company meets its objectives. The IT Security and governance function includes ensuring, enforcing and establishing security policies and procedures. IT security employees monitor all components of the IT infrastructure for compliance and security threats as well as take appropriate remedial action. IT security employees also conduct IT risk analysis and assessments and then make sure that there are multiple solutions to mitigate the risk.

It Security


The market research data shows that around 24% employers are looking for professionals having this skill. Cloud computing is a broad term that describes a broad range of services. With the help of cloud Computing, a user is able to customize an application on the server that is hosted by a third party. In digital world, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) refers to a new way of assessing software, as compared to the traditional methods. Saas offers a number of benefits to its consumers and used by companies in accounting and invoicing, tracking sales, planning, performance monitoring and communications.

Business Intelligence/Analytics:

The market research data shows that around 29% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. BI encloses a wide variety of tools and applications that enable organizations to collect data from internal and external sources, prepare it for analysis, run queries and create reports. The benefits of BI tools include better decision making, driving revenues, increasing operational efficiency and gaining advantages over rivals. BI technology also includes data visualization software for designing charts, tools for building BI dashboards and performance scorecards. Business intelligence professionals make use of programming software to improve efficiency and implement strategic solutions.

Web Development :

The market research data shows that around 29% employers are looking for professionals having this skill. The web Development is associated with the programming of a website. It is the prime job of web developers to provide interactive and well programmed websites. Web developers provide functionality to a website, so their tasks involve extensive mathematical and logical thinking. A web developer should have the knowledge of HTML, designing with CSS, graphic designing and SEO. Qualified web developers will designate themselves as JavaScript Programmer, PHP developer, database designer, C++ Developer, Java developer, AJAX programmer and Magento Developer.

Database Administration (DBA):

The market research data shows that around 23% employers are looking for professionals having this skill. Database administration is the function of maintaining and managing the database management system software. Database administration refers to the activities performed by the database administrator to ensure that a database is always present, when needed. There are three types of database administration such as system DBA, development DBA and application DBA. The responsibilities of database administrator include designing, implementing and managing the database system and training employees in database management. A database administrator should have the experience of Structured Query Language (SQL), SAP , and Oracle based database management software.

Project Management:

The market research data shows that around 30% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. Project Management defines the planning, organizing and implementing a project. A project has a certain start and end time, and therefore defined scope and resources. Project managers can employ various techniques and methodologies to run projects and select the best approach based upon the nature of project, culture and organizational needs. Effective project management requires strong communication and negotiation skills. Project managers also work closely with the multiple stakeholders who have interest in the project. Project management is concerned with managing different types of work to achieve specific objectives.

Project Management

Big Data:

The market research data shows that around 28% employers are looking for professionals having this skill. Big Data is a term that describes a large quantity of data both structured and unstructured. Big data leads to better decisions and strategic business moves, and integrates many new types of data and data management along with traditional data. Big data is an ocean of information where we swim in everyday; with the help of right Big Data tools, organizations can store, manage and utilize this data. Big data technologies such as artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine Learning help in decision making.

Mobile applications and device management:

The market research data shows that around 24% employers are looking for professionals with this skill. Mobile applications management and device management are two popular technologies for enabling secure smart phone and tablet use in the industries. These technologies have different use cases but some of their features overlap, so the vendors are combining these technologies into a single product. Mobile Device Management refers to the full device approach, to secure tablets and smart phones. Mobile Application Management offers the ability to manage and secure only those specific applications that were developed to work with a particular product.

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