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In what Direction is Digital Transformation Driving your Organization?

Everyone today is talking about digital transformation and how it is about to change the entire industry and all its segments. Especially the IT sector is feeling the heat of the digital sun and transforming under it. Little do we realize that how deeply and how extensively digital transformation is about to affect the entire industry and create bridges, connections and collaborations between virtually all kinds of domains and segments. The digital world is slowly penetrating its roots in all domains and making the lives of both consumers and companies easier and faster. But with this comes the necessary evil of high speed change and evolution in the technologies and concepts involved. We will here have a broad look of the segments of any organization which will be affected by digital transformation and how really will they be affected through it.

Digital Information

The customer experience

A happy customer directly relates to a growing company. With the increasing dependency of the consumers on digital devices such as smart phones, tabs, laptops, smart watches, etc. the organization's reach to interact with and understand the customer must be increasingly digitized using social media platforms, data sourcing and analysis, and much more. The customer today requires a connected world where all his/her devices will be able to interchange information and data internally as well as with the internet/cloud. With the data acquired by the customer, the organizations shall be able to provide an increasingly user friendly and intelligent user interface and experience. This requires the implementation of machine learning and concept of artificial intelligence to provide smart systems and customer interfaces. The customer experience does not limit to the personal devices but extends to almost all systems that the user might come in contact with ranging from as simple as the consumer's coffee machine to the car driven. New and innovative technologies such as VR, AR, Nuance technologies, haptic feedback, etc. are making the customer experience and their interactions with the machines enhanced like never before.

The operational processes

Internally in any organization, there are a number of operations and operational processes that can effectively be digitized to improve the performance and reduce the costs involved. Especially the redundant operations can be automated and digitized to provide astronomically improved performance. The data driven industry is today digitized through big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and much more. Automation in industry processes, testing procedures and other such operations are no longer a vanity but a profound need of organizations to make a place in the growing digital transformation across the globe. The large number of technologies that are being developed everyday in the domains of automation and digitization such as SaaS, Digital Security, test automation, automated databases, automation in application development and much more. Complicated domains such as supply chain management processes, warehouse management, inventory management, software development life cycle, etc. are also gaining a touch of automation through various new technologies developed across the globe.

The business processes

The business processes involved in any organization also requires a number of technologies and technological tools which are bringing the age of data driven processes and execution. The various SAP tools involved in business process management can help any organization in embracing the up and coming digital transformation and simultaneously improve the business models involved. Gone are the days of trial and error, wherein all the business decisions were made through experience and development of business model meant a large number of man days involved. Today, all the decisions are based on data and business intelligence technologies available in the industry and being used by the top organizations.

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