What Will Digital Marketing Be Like in a 100 Years?

Digital Marketing

19 Dec 2016     Jonathan Bevan

Marketing as a field of business development and growth has been around for a number of years, and has recently taken the turn to the digital path in the recent years. Digital marketing is a domain which has gained immense growth and development in the changing technological world. Let’s face it; if you want to sell, you need to engage! The new age of digital networking and data transactions gives immense possibilities and potential for marketing in a number of methods which are highly interactive and engaging. Through digital marketing, new means and methods are created everyday which organizations use to market their products to potential customers and specific demographics. Digital marketing has now taken a more personal path where consumers are now being engaged through their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. where the young age of consumers frequent and dwell.

In the next 100 years, digital marketing is about to take leaps and bounds and reach levels and technologies which we may not be able to imagine right now. Let’s take a look at some of the possible changes and new technologies that digital marketing will have in a hundred years from now.

Using the phenomenon of second screen
If you have ever engaged in a heated discussion regarding an event or occasion which is happening in that instant; congratulations! You are a part of the second screen phenomenon. Marketing agencies and data analysts have a fun time analyzing such discussions and phenomenon and engage in much more personal form of marketing than the conventional ones.

Use of artificial reality and virtual reality for more engaging campaigns
Virtual reality has been in the conceptual stage for quite some time but has reached the consumer level distribution only in the recent times. As Sci-Fi as it sounds, virtual reality possesses immense possibilities and potentials for growth and application. Digital marketing through artificial and virtual reality will reach new heights through astronomical levels of engagement and interactivity. Through virtual reality, the product experience will be provided even before the product is bought.

The age of Pre-demand
Imagine a customer-organization relationship in which the organization knows about its customer’s needs even before the consumer realizes it. Although the idea sounds a little far-fetched it is steadily becoming a reality with implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Tracking the daily patterns of a consumer’s habits through the information they provide online, the organizations can track and predict the products they might need in the recent future and accordingly plan their marketing campaigns.

Integration of Internet of Things in the field of digital marketing
As connected our lives our becoming with the devices that we use on a daily basis, so are our needs and requirements. Mobile computing devices, computer systems, smart bands etc. are all such devices which are interconnected and exchange data of the consumer to and from the cloud. Using this data, expert marketers can easily predict or understand the user’s requirement and create more personalized and tailor made marketing campaigns for specific demographics.

Increasing dependencies on visualization and entertainment
In this era, if the content is not entertaining, it is not engaging. This will increase in the coming years and unless the marketing campaigns are highly visual and use modern technologies for visualizations and entertainment, the possibilities of consumer’s engagement will be very low. Use of smart visualization techniques such as electronic ink technologies, virtual reality, digital banners etc. will no longer be a specialization and become a necessary implementation in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is the field for right-brain thinkers who have immense capacity for creativity and innovation. The contemporary market of digital marketing has immense possibilities and this will only rise in the coming future.

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