digital direction

What is the digital direction to the industry by the digital technologies?

What was the last big technological breakthrough or the most-on-fire technology that you heard about? Was it Big Data? Or was it Cloud Computing? Or maybe the more recent, Machine Learning? Such technologies and terms have been rampant in the past few years and this has happened owing to several reasons the most important of which would be the rise of open source technology. The rise of Big Data happened not even more than a decade ago and today, it cannot even be called a most trending technology. So, if you try and comprehend the pace at which any technology in the industry today rises and matures, you would be utterly astounded. Either as a technologist or as an organizational head, you would certainly be feeling the heat of Machine learning and how it is rapidly branching into more deep and complicated branches such as neural networks, deep learning, reinforced learning, convolusive deep learning and much more. And who is to say how long it would be before these technologies also mature and all there is left to do is explore and improve upon the implementations. In such a scenario, how should an organizational leader keep pace with the industry and rise with the rising tide of the industry? Let's give you some directions as to the path which should be taken in order to excel in the industry which today is rampant and dictated by technology.

digital direction

Keep close knit ties with the academia

That is where the best brains are working in the technology world. It may not be industry oriented but it is the very root from where the new technologies emerge. History dictates that the best and more promising breakthroughs always came from college labs, professors and at many times students. A recent survey article by Cisco explores how important academic research is to bridge to gap between the academia and the industry thus giving to the rise of both. How do you think Facebook and Google started?

digital direction

Hire professional consultative learning providers

This is the place which sources it all. A rising technology or an emerging tool, and the consultative learning solutions providers will be the first to know about it. Afterall, it is their job to provide the best technology learning solutions from all over the industry. Acting as the storehouse of the industrial and technological knowledge, tapping their base will be a good way to go to help any organization stay in the lead.

digital direction

Open source is the new king, invest in it

Gone are the days when proprietary technologies ruled the world. Today some of the best technologies are utterly open source and free and tapping is the best way to remain updated and ahead in the technological field while also making use of the best technological resources. The most unique advantage of open source systems is their ability to be updated and upgraded from literally every nook and corner of the world. From Big Data Hadoop to Google Android, everything today is open source. In a survey by Black Duck software company and North Bridge, more than 78% of the enterprise today runs on open source and the demand is only rising.

digital direction

Invest in predictive analysis of consumer behavior and consumer needs

The consumer has evolved and is evolving continuously with passing time. The consumer today relies on personalization of the technologies and tools he/she interacts with at the highest levels. Similarly, there are various other consumer behavior patterns and consumer needs which can be assessed through various technology tools available in industry. Continuous assessment and prediction ensure rationale business models based on data driven decisions.

digital direction

Rise with the industry, but always be on the lookout for a class apart

You may follow the industry trends and understand the needs of the industry, but always know that the best deals are always those which never really existed in the market before. Use technology tools to develop such models which no one might have ever imagined in the industry and you will be treated as the king.

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