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19 Dec 2016     Kylie Hobbs

JAVA is probably one of the most used programming languages prevalent in the world today. It is being used in many forms in various domains and enterprises. As amazing as JAVA is, it still has a number of shortcomings that makes developers a little uneasy when they arise. Performance and memory issues with java are one of the most notorious problems that developers face while working with JAVA and making their applications fast is an equally important concern as is making it functional. Let's look at some of the problems related with JAVA that the developers face and how they can be dealt with and mitigated.

Persistence configuration in the database
With the increasing load on the application, the load on the database also increases in a proportional manner. Although there are fine tuned database access procedures such as Hibernate and JPA implementations but some other options such eager or lazy fetching may tend to increase the response time and also database overheads. In order to fix this problem, business transaction counters are to be dealt with along with the database counters. All the configuration options must be managed correctly and the configuration should be coupled with the business domain efficiently.

Caching causes problems in two manners, when cache has a bad configuration or when it is distributed. In such a situation you will have to take note of the fixed size of the cache along with the distributed cache configuration. A cache must be properly configured and distributed so that its memory does not get exhausted. In order to mitigate this problem first examine the memory and the database performance of your application to decide if even you need the cache memory or not. If you do, determine the cache size using hit and miss ratio metrics. Alternatively, you can always use serializations and procedures which generate scalable applications in order to avoid such caching problems.

Memory leaks in Java
Memory leaks occur when the memory usage increases but the heap of object runs out of memory. This is because in Java a reference to the object which was presently used is maintained even though it may not be used again. To avoid such a problem, always pay attention while coding to sensitive java collections and session management. There are also a few tools available that could help you avoid memory leaks and also help in analyzing heaps.

Thread deadlocks
Thread deadlocks take place in a situation where two or more than two threads are trying to access the same resources and there is clash in the receiving and releasing hierarchy of the resource. This leads to the exhaustion of all threads and the application tends to get slower. In order to solve this problem, you need to capture thread dumps in a deadlock situation of two threads and simultaneously examine the stack traces of the thread. You would also like to make your application and all the resources as immutable as possible and always make use of synchronization while checking for potential thread interactions.

Thread pool configuration locks
This happens while an application is using a web container or a server and a thread pool is being used to control the concurrently processed requests. If the thread pool is made too small then the requests will have a longer waiting time and when it is too large, the processing resources get a little too busy. So in order to reach an optimized solution, the thread pool needs to be fine tuned which is not such an easy task but can be done. Always check the thread pool utilization and also the CPU utilization in order to decide whether you need to decrease the pool size or increase it.

Problems with JAVA such as Performance and memory issues are situations which can be avoided in the first place with proper coding practices and fine tuning of the respective resources. If the problems still persist there are always methods to mitigate them and improve your application. Always know, in the world of JAVA you can tend towards perfection if you have the caliber and consistency. That is why it is important to learn Java programming online from industry leaders like Aurelius Corporate Solutions.

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