What Pushes the Automobile Industry Towards its New Era?

Automobile Industry

Without doubt we are seeing a change in every nook and corner of the industry with technological growth and development taking place at a rate we could have never imagined before. One of the biggest industrial domains of the world, the automobile industry is a part of the change and probably one of the biggest changes will come in it. Let's look at the fuels which are firing the change in the automotive industry.

LIDAR tech and machine learning

Combine a very effective LIDAR technology with machine learning and voila, you will have an extremely smart car which can make decisions of moving, turning, parking, breaking and anything a generic car can do (of-course, without you telling it to). In an article by Forbes, it is predicted that "Autonomous Car Race Creates $400k Engineering Jobs For Top Silicon Valley Talent." If you want to grow as an organization in this market, this will be the perfect opportunity.

Powerful electrical batteries and electrical systems

Forget about the Ferrari, here comes the Tesla which can give competition to a Ferrari and that to extremely very silently only owing to the powerful power storage batteries and highly efficient electrical systems created by them. A report by consultants Mckinsey states, "Consumer demands are starting to shift in favor of electric vehicles with strong disruption potential."

iOT and cloud integration

Your car is no longer just a car, it is an extension of your smart phone, your watch, your home security system and even probably your coffee machine. With integration of digital devices with each other and over the cloud, your car will be a part of a wide web of connected interactive systems. In a report by Business Insider, it is being stated that Internet of Things will be the largest device market globally by the year 2019.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning

Mostly in-line with autonomous driving and coordination, artificial intelligence can also provide a lot of opportunities to grow in the automotive industry with application in possibly all fields. As Sci-Fi as it may sound, leading AI research organizations have surpassed all humanly imaginable boundaries in research of AI. Their newest Google Lens integrated in your smart phone can work as a real world information lens which if pointed towards a movie poster can help you book the movie tickets of the poster with one click.

Reinventing the wheel

Although not much known as of this moment, but goodyear's spherical wheel might just be the thing that changes the entire automotive industry and usher it into a completely new era of automotive systems.

Automotive infotainment

The car is not just a car anymore and any customer requires it to be a complete package which should also include a number of goodies to keep the travelling partners entertained and engrossed. Hence, automotive infotainment does not only include the car stereo but a lot of other things too.

If any organization wants to grow in the domain of automotive, it is essential to look into these domains while fortifying the conventional automotive industrial systems.