apple iphone 8 features and specifications

New Features Expected in iPhone 8 in 2017

It hasn't been a long time since the release of the iPhone 7 by Apple, but rumors of iPhone 8 which is yet to be released had already started floating around long before the releaes of iPhone 7. This is due to the fact that 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone for Apple and it will be time for celebration. Apple is thus rumored to surprise it's customers and fans with some amazing new features and tools to be incorporated in the iPhone 8 which will make it their flagship phone. Rumors are also floating around that Apple is already testing over 10 prototypes of new iPhone models so the expectations become even more confounding and rising.

Features expected to get major upgrades & improvements in Apple's iPhone 8


The major and profound change is expected to be in the phone's display with an OLED edge-to-edge crystal display to provide it with a radical design. Touch-id, camera, microphone and other front screen features are expected to be built directly into the display in order to give it a look of single sheet of glass. This also becomes necessary if Apple wants to incorporate wireless charging in their models. There are also rumors that the edges may be curved like Samsung Galaxy s7 to provide touch gesture response. This has been stated by a Japanese electronics maker Sharp which confirms that the next iPhone will have an OLED display.

Glass body

Like iPhone 4, iPhone 8 is also expected to adopt a glass body while moving away from the aluminum and stainless steel frames that are being used till now. This has been stated in the information suggested by KGI securities and will further pave way for the aforementioned edge to edge glass display.

Faster processor

iPhone 8 is expected to incorporate a 10-nanometer A11 chip which will be more efficient and will also include a number of new features such as long range wireless charging and several biometric recognition technologies. Iris and facial recognition scanning are expected to be incorporated through their dual lens camera which is also expected to have optical image stabilization.

Wireless charging

With full body OLED display and a faster processor, the iPhone 8 is also expected to have wireless charging features to compete with other wireless charging phones such as that of Samsung in the market. A Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn has suggested that Apple is testing wireless charging modules and it’s probably another area where Apple is trying to play catch-up against Samsung.

Everything integrated into the display

To provide a complete crystal look, the phone is expected to integrate everything, from cameras to touch Id sensors into the display and eliminate the home button all-together.

Three separate models

iPhone is expected to launch three separate models in 2017 with rumors of two 5.5 inch models and a 4.7 inch display model. Some claim that a 5 inch display model may also be launched.

New Colors Altogether

apple iphone 8 features and specifications

Moving away from gold, silver, black and white, Apple is also rumored to incorporate a new color red in their flagship model. It is rumored to be titled as rose gold and would be a fresh change in the simplistic previous models. To sum it all up, all of these speculations and predictions are immense and if we know Apple well, they are well versed in surprising their customers with new and innovative features and tools. We can be pretty sure that the new Apple iPhone will be the fastest yet and will have more advanced optics and biometrics. We will also see a couple of extra features we have never before seen in other iPhones and we will possibly see these changes in rose gold. Apple strives to achieve the aim of purest user experience as stated by the late Steve Jobs and we are more than anxious to see how close the next iPhone will be to this goal.