Association for project management works to promote the professional disciplines of project management and programme management. APM provides a number of products and services which include standardizations and provisions for effective project management and programme management. It fundamentals of project management, communication skills, risk management and more. The provisions and protocols included in APMP go a long way in handling multiple projects in various domains and industrial segments in an effective manner while improving upon the operational and management capabilities of the organization. This is widely used and applied across the globe in organizations of all shapes and sizes and is widely acclaimed in the industry. Aurelius Corporate Solutions in the capacity of being the problem solvers of the industry has been instrumental in providing a number of such solutions to organizations all across the globe in the domain of APMP which can enable their workforce in working in a much more efficient manner when it comes to project management and programme management. All of this makes sure that the business of client is delivered upto the mark thus providing them with a ver high ROI on the solutions provided by Aurelius.