9 Top Reasons To Learn C++ Programming

C++ Programming

19 Dec 2016     Manish

Having grown to the age of 28 years in 2016, C++ is now in the modern age trying to compete with more versatile and dynamic youngsters like Java and python. After it did grew tremendously in the late 80s and early 90s it is today considered an old language but few do realize the computing and programming power of C++ and the perks that it has to offer. Unlike the general consensus, C++ is still being used by many big names such as Microsoft (windows 8), Adobe, PayPal, MAC OS/X and many more. Being termed as a language that might get lost in the history of coding, let’s look at some reasons why you should still want to work with C++ and what benefits it might have.

Scalable, quick, and controllable
C++ may be old but it is still one of the most scalable, fast and controllable languages around. Being a statically typed language, C++ is normally quicker that dynamically typed languages since its code is type-checked prior to execution. If you are talented developer in C++ you can easily surpass the speed and control of JAVA.

Community support through StackOverflow
C++ is the programming language which has the highest overall answer rate on the popular programming Q&A community StackOverflow. Being an old language also makes its user base the most advanced and thus an 86.3% of overall answer rate is achieved by C++ which is quite a feat. StackOverflow marks it as the 6th most used and followed tag with over 69 thousand followers. This immense community support is more beneficial than you can ever imagine in the world of programming.

One of the most popular languages on GitHub
GitHub is an open source community where developers all over the world share resources and projects. On this very community, GitHub is the 6th most popular language and is used for a number of projects, the majority of which includes a number of games and gaming engines.

TIOBE popularity index
Believe it or not, C++ still holds the third position in the TIOBE popularity index which is a well known programming community which indicates the popularity of programming languages worldwide. If TIOBE index is consulted, you should have a proper knowledge of C++ before you can start working on the development of new programming projects.

The rise of Virtual Reality
VR or virtual reality has recently been introduced to consumers and is sure to rise tremendously in the coming years. The most visually appealing applications for VR are being developed in C++. Thus, this is one lucrative domain in which C++ is bound to survive.

The evergreen gaming industry
It is an established fact that all AAA rated title games are created using C++. Considering the fact that video game development is one of the most rewarding and demanding areas of the programming world the use and need of C++ becomes not just essential but imperative.

High performance computing and calculations
The need of manipulating numbers at high speed requires excellent knowledge of underlying software and also the applicability of this knowldege directly in the language. Parallel computational frameworks such CUDA and OpenCL which use C++ have created a demand for C++ programmers who have expertise in parallel and scientific computing.

Compilers development
It will be very hard for you to find a popular language which does not use the LLVM libraries to write their front end compilers or any language which does not use LLVM in order to generate byte codes. Mind you, all of this is C++.

Financial programming
Financial programming requires codes which have low levels of latency. It is especially useful for developing and also maintaining trading platforms having high frequency of transactions. Coupling is quantitative manipulations with C++ is an easy task and can be achieved effectively for financial and mathematical modelling.

People may say that C++ is slowly fading away but it still has a long way to go before it becomes extinct. It has certain capabilities and features under its hood which make it essential in certain domains and technological areas. It will not be a waste to invest your time and energy in this language irrespective of the general consensus.

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