5 Most Popular Tools for IOT Developers

Internet of Things

19 Dec 2016     George Carr

Internet of Things is a novel concept that has been on tremendous rise in the recent times. Inherently relating to the interconnection of various platforms and devices that consumers use in life, IOT is on the brink of revolutionizing not just the digital industry but also the lives and times of us humans. IOT is one such domain which is being research upon by almost all organizations ranging from small automation companies to large IT giants owing to its astronomical possibilities and potential.

IOT uses a number of elements which help it in interaction among devices and also with the world wide web in order to give the consumer an integrated and smart experience. Microcontrollers, microprocessors, the cloud, interconnection platforms and operating systems etc. are all elements of IOT which can be used to create novel and innovative products. That time is not far when even our coffee habits will be transmitted from our coffee machine at home to our coffee machine at the office just to make sure we get the right coffee in tough times, and all this through the internet of things.

Here, we bring to you the top 5 tools that are available in the industry today that come at the top of the list of essential tools of Internet of Things. Some of these are even available open source facilitating their fast development and improvement.

This is a hardware microprocessor which is great for building prototypes and basic solutions. It offers a variety of different sensors and modules including GPS, RFID, Camera, etc. The unique feature of Tessel which brings it on this list is that its programming can be done using Node.Js giving you the power of programming hardware, firmware as well as server solutions in Java Script. It provides high speed firmware application running and great I/O control and power management.

TWILIO Programmable wireless
This tool is an amazing concept which has been recently launched. This enables the developers to connect their IOT devices to the cellular connectivity network. The tool provides the ability to control your devices on the go and control them from virtually anywhere. With its cellular advantage, things like vehicle tracking, surveillance, civilian surveying etc. become an easy task

This is a revolutionary IOT platform which is also completely open source. This platform is especially useful for those applications which require a comparatively higher level of processing power. Being an open source board it comes with detailed schematics and offers an Andriod OS distribution for those applications requiring a mobile computing experience and Linux control as well.

Contiki is another open source tool which is extremely useful for developing intricate IOT applications. It is an operating system for IOT which can connect microcontrollers to the internet and enable rapid streamlined development of the application. The applications are written in standard C language using this tool and development environment can be easily downloaded from one single source. It also provides the provision of simulation through its Cooja simulator which allows the applications to be emulated before they are burned onto the hardware.

Microsoft Research Lab of Things
From the stables of Microsoft, this tool can be essentially used for experimental research by enabling interconnection of devices and implementation of application scenarios. Using this, organizations can deploy and also monitor field studies while analyzing and sharing experimental data. Projects which can be implemented through this application range from healthcare, energy management, home automation to industrial automation, etc. Internet of Things has been rising and will continue to rise until it reaches the internet of everything. There has been tremendous growth in the domain in the recent times and this will continue for the decades to come. The times of star trek and star wars like world of highly interactive robots and interconnected devices are supposedly not that far.

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