Automobile Insourcing Projects Catalogue

Automobile In-house Training

The rapidly expanding and diversifying automobile industry demands growth which is realized and understood by Aurelius Corporate Solutions. Having worked with innumerable Automotive organizations all over the globe, Aurelius is a storehouse of knowledge and resources when it comes to the automotive industry. Providing insourcing solutions and corporate training in virtually all domains of the Automotive industry, we offer customized solutions which can lead to an overall revenue return of over 40% as per our statistical records. Priding ourselves in being the problem-solvers of the Automotive industry, we focus our solutions and services of in-house training towards the tangible and measurable results.

The world class automobile corporate training provided by aurelius corporate solutions are of a kind. All of these automobile corporate training have an international-standard curriculum and are delivered in every time zone. These automobile corporate training can be provided via classroom training, live instructor led, online training, in the for of in house training or customized automobile corporate training

Companies can choose which delivery method they want for their automobile corporate training, whether it is automobile online training, automobile classroom training, automobile in house training,automobile instructor led training or customized automobile corporate training.


Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Agile Scrum product Owner

Course Name
Automotive Trends
Analog-to digital converter
Android auto
Audio Jack
Audio manager
Automotive app downloads
Automotive connectors
Automotive electronics
Automotive engineering
Automotive navigation systems
Automotive power systems
Automotive Systems and Controls
Bluetooth technology
Camera monitoring system
CAN transceiver
Circuit protection
Component-level characterization for system-level EMC simulations
DC / DC converter
DC-DC power converters
Efficient low-noise power inverters
Electric drives
Electro-mechanical components
Failure-Mode Models for MLCC and Tantalum Capacitors
First-pass compliance with automotive EMC requirements
Graphical layer management
Hands free voice control
Haptic Driver
HDMI connector
HDMI transceiver
Hybrid vehicles
ICE systems
Improved circuit board filters employing SMT capacitors
In Car entertainment
In-dash factory installed navigation
Infotainment layer manager
Innovative radio
Integral design
Integrated drive
Integrated system module
IOS in the vehicle
iScout HUD
LED driver
LIN Transceiver
Maximum radiated emissions calculator
Multimedia platform
Navigation and multimedia Systems
Non-connected P ND Devices
OEM telematics Systems
Playing audio content
Power density
power electronics
Power processing system
Preventative diagnostics
Rear-seat entertainment console
RNS 510 multimedia system
Safe and reliable automotive electronics
Smartphone Inte ration Technologies
Steering wheel au dio controls
system integration concept
Temperature cooling
Temperature Sensor
Touch Screen Controller
USB Controller
Vehicle driving
Vehicle-infrastructure integration
Advance Spark
Artop, Embedded System and IP
ROS and Embedded C++
SAP HANA Administration Disaster Recovery
Supply Chain Management
Android auto
Automotive power systems
CAN transceiver

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